Wedding Cake Shatter

Wedding Cake Shatter

Wedding Cake Shatter

Wedding Cake Shatter Wedding cake or as some people prefer to call it Pink cookies is a type of strain that is made from one of the most popular genetics that produces a balanced high and gives a vibrant taste. Wedding cake is a cross between a hybrid Cherry pie and Girl Scout cookies. It’s like a two in one strain. Its flavors vary according to the phenotype, aside from that, the wedding cake is a dominant indica hybrid. Wedding cake is a perfect strain, any individual would want it as it has a sweet taste of cookies and cherry pies. It’s mostly used by individuals who want to experience peace, and it works as a company agent and helps to calm your entire body. Wedding cake is recommended to individuals who experience depression very often and those patients who have symptoms of fibromyalgia. In some cases, it also acts as a sedative and is proven to be helpful for patients who are encountering issues such as anxiety and any associated syndrome. Wedding cake although does not affect the focus and energy level of individuals but usually leads to drying out of eyes and in some cases the mouth as well, it also comprises of a THC level of 25%. Moreover, when we discuss its physical features, its shape resembles a pine tree, and it has a dense structure. Wedding cake has a frosty touch to it and has dark green leaves. The buds of the Wedding Cake have a striking aroma, and they are visually appealing, once they a completely cured they smell damp. This specific type of marijuana is coated with orange hair that covers its entire structure. In addition to this, it has a sugary taste that uplifts moods of individuals leading them to feel calmer and pleasant as it also has high potency value.

Wedding Cake effects:

Makes you feel relaxed
Calms your mind
Uplifts your mood
Euphoric Feeling
Boost of happiness
Mental relief
Cancels out stressful thoughts

Therapeutic benefits:

Relief from pain
Reduced Stress
Helps with depression
Reduced anxiety

Flavor & aroma profile:


Adverse effects:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Mild Paranoia