Trainwreck Coming from the Sativa family is another mind-blowing strain, Trainwreck. It is predominantly sativa with slight hints of indica, as its composition ratio is 80% sativa and 20 % indica. The funky name this strain has is because as you take this strain its hit you hard, it’s basically like a train has crashed into you. This strain is totally next level as it is a housing a combination of two sativas: Mexican and Thai and one indica: Afghani. Trainwreck is no joke at all, and it had made quite a name for itself in the strain community. If you are a fan of rollercoaster rides, then this strain is for you. As Trainwreck enters your system, it starts to induce a mellow body high. All your cognitive functions will be heightened, and it brings about intense and imaginative thoughts. This strain is a blessing in disguise for many as it can be used by patients of PTSD, stress and arthritis. The best thing is that even though this strain is super potent, you can still smoke it throughout the day. When we come to its soothing impacts, the list is a long one. It’s more like a magic pill which helps with depression, anxiety, and just overall soothes the soul. Its taste profile is an interesting one, and it has a very nice green hue on the leaves, which have a very distinct aroma of pine/citrus. The aftertaste isn’t funky, either unlike other strains; it leaves you with a very comforting taste of lemon. Finally, when we come to appearances the strain has a large amount of trichomes, which ultimately gives it a green color with some subtle hints of grey.

Trainwreck Strain effects:

Makes you feel relaxed
Calms your mind
Euphoric Feeling
Boost of happiness
Uplifted Mood
Increases creativity

Therapeutic benefits:

Relief from pain
Reduced Stress
Helps with depression
Reduced insomnia
Reduced anxiety
Helps with migraines
Effects of arthritis is reduced
Relief from PTSD and ADHD/ADD

Flavor & aroma profile:


Adverse effects:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Mild Paranoia