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Omniflower Sublingual THC Tinctures 35% Off!

Omniflower Tinctures (THC)

Our lab techs produce the highest possible quality THC distillate averaging 96%. It is pre processed and carbon scrubbed, then goes through multiple water washes and a pass though a chromatography column between passes. We use this as a starting point for our tinctures, mixing them with a ultra high purity MCT carrier oil, enjoy!


Omniflower Sublingual CBD Tincture 35% Off

Omniflower Tinctures (CBD)

Omniflower CBD tinctures are made with our 99.9% high purity CBD crystalline. It is extracted from the plant, winterized, distilled twice, crystallized and spray dried. This ultra high purity, extremely clean CBD is used with a high purity MCT carrier oil to produce an extremely clean, pure and effective CBD tincture.