Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush

One of the rare originals and very popular ones in the cannabis strains family is Hindu Kush. It’s a powerful and pure indica weed. It is originated from the high mountain range of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The cold climate of the mountainous region is the reason it’s wrapped in a thick blanket of crystal trichomes which is admired by Hash makers.
The word Kush is derived from a Persian word that means “Hindu killer” and has been used as a suffix in the names of weeds since long. This Afghani pure indica strain was introduced in the West back in the early 60s and has been commended ever since. Since then, experts in the cannabis line of work have cross-bred different indicas and sativas with Hindu Kush to incorporate its invigorating and potent attributes to bring forth newer and better weeds. The true Hindu Kush is rarely ever available in the West because of its inability to adapt to the climate. However, this pure indica strain is highly regarded for its sedative properties. The sweet and musky scent of sandalwood will leave you feeling addicted to Hindu Kush. The aroma of wet ground is what distinguishes Hindu Kush with other strains. Inhaling Hindu Kush renders an after taste of pine wood and mountain herbs. Hindu Kush begins with instigating physical relaxation in the body. Its calms down the nerves to make you feel at rest and slowly progresses to the cognitive process luring you into a haze. Its least recommended for day time use as it puts you to rest as if you’ve been given anesthesia. It will make you feel lazy and remove any tension from your brain.

Hindu Kush effects:

Induces sedation
Makes you feel happily relaxed
Uplifts mood
Helps you sleep better
Leaves you feeling euphoric
Therapeutic benefits
Relieves stress
Mitigates anxiety
Fights insomnia
Alleviate chronic pain
Treats depression

Flavor & aroma profile:

Wet earth
Pine wood
Mountain herbs

Adverse effects:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Mild dizziness