Hash Plant

Hash Plant

Hash Plant

Weed is the most favourite preference of cannabis lovers when it comes to consumption. The serenity wrapped in an endless list of clinical gains is what compels consumers to pursue the use of cannabis weed in their daily lives. They are also available in an extraordinarily wide variety of flavours and aromas.
Hash Plant is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This one dates back to the early 80’s where it began its journey from Holland. It gradually made its way to the US to earn more of its stardom. It’s derived from the classic Sensi Seeds strain which makes it remarkable in its potency. Hash Plant weed is equipped with a soft woody and earthy aroma. It’s not too strong and overwhelming which is why its best recommended if you’re a newbie in the realm of weeds. The aroma of Hash Plant is very different than other weeds since it isn’t as invigorating. The taste on the other hand is spicy and jolting. Hash plant is also aesthetic by appearance with its dark green leaves and deep red fur. This weed works best if you’re in for a strong bed-lock. Simply put, it will lure you into a deep state of relaxation and stillness. It’s a wonderful pick when it comes to treating insomnia and a heavy head. People suffering from anxiety claim that Hash Plant was very helpful in mitigating anxiety and mental stress. It also helped people with attention deficit hyper activity disorder (ADHD). It is recommended to be used during the night or days with no tasks on hand as it will leave you feeling lazy and drowsy.

Hash Plant effects:

Makes you feel relaxed
Induces sleepiness
Instigates euphoria
Calms your mind
Soft flavour and aroma for people new towards weeds

Therapeutic benefits:

Combats insomnia
Mitigates anxiety
Reduces stress and depression
Cures chronic pain
Relieves headaches
Prevents nausea
Treats ADHD

Flavor & aroma profile:


Adverse effects:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Mild dizziness