Firecracker is a marijuana strain; it is a powerhouse filled with a potent punch of Indica heavy body that can immediately boost your mood. This strain is truly hard to come by, and it is an Indica dominant hybrid. This particular strain is sold in very few places, so it is a true rarity. Roughly it contains (70% of Indica and 30% of Sativa) strain. Firecracker starts off by lighting your mood by making you feel happier and more relaxed by erasing any stressful thoughts and leaving you in a pleasant, stress-free mood. As its effects approach the cerebral, your body will feel calmer, and your limbs will feel more relaxed. Its effects further include that the firecracker frees your body of any aches and pains as it calms your body. Firecracker provides solutions to various diseases such as chronic pain and insomnia. Furthermore, it has proven to be beneficial for patients suffering from depression. With firecracker, you never have to worry about any negativity because it makes you forget about all the racing thoughts and moves your mind towards positivity and provides relief to your body. The buds of firecracker have small dense dark olive-green bugs with a thick coating of sweet resin which is sprinkled with chunky yet clear crystal trichomes. Firecracker is specifically made for individuals who crave sweetness in today’s dull life. Firecracker is available in many flavours; its taste is sugary and sweet but also has traces of sour wine combined with a scented aroma. Moreover, to be even more precise, the strain smells like red wine. Its flavour is very sweet and fruity, and it contains a gist of musk and grape. Firecracker is the therapy one needs for a peaceful life.

Firecracker effects:

Makes you feel relaxed
Calms your mind
Soft flavour and aroma for people new towards weeds
Physical Buzz
Boost Of Happiness
Mental Relief

Therapeutic benefits:

Combats insomnia
Mitigates anxiety
Reduces stress and depression
Cures chronic pain
Relieves headaches
Prevents nausea

Flavor & aroma profile:


Adverse effects:

Dry mouth
Dry eyes
Mild Paranoia