Bentley OG

Bentley OG

Bentley OG

Bentley OG Named after the world famous car, Bentley OG has rose up to the caliber of the designation. This widely popular strain has mysterious parents due to the confidentiality of its breeders but cannabis experts claim it’s probably coming from the OG Kush family.

With a moderately potent THC level of 24 percent, Bentley OG is the absolute favorite of new and frequent consumers. The bewildering flavor and aroma profile of Bentley OG is one of the reasons why it is so abruptly popular among the weed market, although its roots remain a secret. The appearance of Bentley OG is aesthetically pleasing with dense olive green leaves and bright orange undertones. Bentley OG runs a warm high through your body making you feel calm and at peace almost immediately. Its fast approach of action and highly tranquilizing properties are primarily the reason why it’s a top-shelf product in the medical marijuana world. The high caused by Bentley OG is not just sedative but also seductive as it will seduce you into going straight to bed. As per customers’ reviews, Bentley OG will fill your body with a perfusing laziness that will make it difficult for you to escape. You’ll stick to wherever you were sitting or lying. It will induce a couch-lock so intense your body will begin to melt in it. This overwhelming feeling will put you to bed soon and placidly. Due to all the optimizing properties of indica dominance, Bentley OG is the MVP in the magical world of cannabis. It’s chosen by most insomnia patients and other people who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress episodes, PTSD, and emotional instability, etc.

Bentley OG effects:

Super calming
Deep relaxation
Good sedation
Induces sleepiness
Makes you feel happy

Therapeutic benefits:

Helps with anxiety and stress
Best cure for insomnia
Relieves chronic pain
Releases muscle tension
Soothes headaches

Flavor & aroma profile:


Adverse effects:

Dry eyes
Dry mouth