Bentley Hash

Bentley Hash

Bentley Hash

Bentley Hash is a 100% pure indica strain. It adopted the name from the globally famous magnificent car: Bentley. Smoking up a round of Bentley Hash will have you smiling from ear to ear.

This 100% purified resin is famous among competing products for its soft texture and woody fragrance. The unique combination of grassy and sugary fragrance is certainly a point not to be missed regarding Bentley Hash. If you’re up for a trip down the memory lane, Bentley Hash is all you need for this purpose. Due to the secrecy of its breeders, this strain has mysterious parents, though it is broadly agreed that it is most probably an OG Kush phenotype. Bentley OG is surely a top-shelf bud, with an extreme THC range varying from 22-24 percent on average. The Bentley OG high is characterized by customers as an induction of a powerful strengthening body sensation that makes you relaxed, drowsy, and deeply couch-locked. Everywhere you rest, you will feel an intense melting mind, preceded by an incredible sense of drowsiness and a rather complete collapse into a heavy and relaxing slumber. Bentley OG is the perfect strain for having to treat individuals struggling from illnesses such as sleeplessness, fear, and psychological distress due to these significant indica influences. With fuzzy deep olive green blades and vibrant amber connotations, this bud has dense soft spade-shaped lime green nugs. Thick fuzzy fire flame fibers and a sparse coat of trichomes are smeared with these nugs. Bentley OG has an almost confounding scent of strangely aromatic and flavorful, peppery soft flower aromas and a flavor of delicious tarty floral plants.

Bentley OG effects:

Super calming
Deep relaxation
Good sedation
Induces sleepiness
Makes you feel happy

Therapeutic benefits:

Helps with anxiety and stress
Best cure for insomnia
Relieves chronic pain
Releases muscle tension
Soothes headaches

Flavor & aroma profile:


Adverse effects:

Dry eyes
Dry mouth