BC Hash

BC Hash

BC Hash

BC Hash is an evenly balanced hybrid of indica and sativa by the BC Bud Depot. It has been gaining a considerable amount of praise from users for its energizing effects on the mind and body. BC Hash is quick in its approach and provides a boost of energy instantly after consuming.
The moderate THC levels ensure a very smooth buzz that comes along with BC Hash. Its smooth texture is what mostly attracts the consumers. It doesn’t just uplift your mood, but BC Hash also motivates you to do your work more and better with a very satisfactory and euphoric feeling. Cannabis experts suggest the use of BC Hash prior to social gatherings as it endorses your personality enough to boost your social skills. You’ll be talking, giggling, singing and dancing all through the very potent: BC Hash. When the high fades away, BC Hash will leave you feeling content, gratified and relaxed. This is an all-in-one deal for cannabis lovers. It provides uplifting jolting effects simultaneously with relaxing and sedative effects. If you want to be highly functional after smoking Hash, BC Hash has got you covered. As per customers’ claims, BC Hash has helped patients suffering from crippling anxiety and stress. The mood enhancing properties of BS Hash were helpful during depression episodes for people struggling from PTSD, etc. The sedative effects followed by the buzz were numbing enough to get consumers rid of any tension or bodily aches. Another plus point about BC Hash is that it works wonderfully to relieve headaches. Recommended time for the use of BC Hash is at night.

BC Hash effects:

Provides a jolt of energy
Relaxes your body
Uplifts mood instantly
Boosts social skills
Makes you talk and giggle more

Therapeutic benefits:

Relief from headaches
Gets rid of chronic pain
Aids during stressful episodes
Best for dealing with anxiety

Taste and aroma profile:


Adverse effects:

Increased heart rate
Dry mouth