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More About THC Delivery – THCD is one of the/if not the best Cannabis Dispensary in Canada where you can buy marijuana online RIGHT NOW. THC Delivery / THCD  “Real THC Delivery” here at realthcdelivery.com THCDelivery, feels differently about quality control and customer service and out of the need to provide the best quality, secure, and comfortable services to customers it has gone far beyond most with security and service.

We top the list of online stores in Canada specialized in Marijuana/Weed, and our team of experts is always available to offer the best. More so, our loyal community has certified B.C’s best years. We have same day shipping (business days) and tracking before 2pm.

Dedicated Cannabis Quality

We carefully source and select the finest of marijuana products. So when you visit our store to buy weed online, you can be absolutely confident of getting products of top quality.

We so much place value on quality, and we ensure we offer products only from the best sources. We have our in-house grower who works exclusively for us. This grower handles our extremely rare and famed genetics, such as MAC 69, Sticky Buns, Bentley Hash, Orange Big MAC, Bakery, and many more in shop!

But just to provide a wide range of quality products, we also work with over 50 growers local to BC.

Our selection of products is carefully hand-picked from the best growers in Canada, and we deliver the best and safest cannabis items you can find on the market.

Our customers always have 100% confidence that they’re getting the best when they buy Marijuana from our Canadian store.

How it works?

Your body harbours an endocannabinoid system, which gives cannabis the ability to offer psychological and physiological therapy. The cannabinoid receptors are spread all over the body, and when you take weed or marijuana, they become activated.

You experience the positive effect of marijuana through the interaction of your body’s endocannabinoid system and the cannabinoids.

At Real THC Delivery, you’ll get a variety of different products, which helps you experience marijuana in a way that works for you.

Remember, having good weed is a necessity and not a luxury. We are highly concerned about what you take into your body, and that’s the vision behind Real THC Delivery.


We have an active community of recreational, veteran, and medical experts that interacts as a family. We stay updated and build a link to move into a brighter and better future.

Cannabis Selection

At Real THC Delivery, we have an abundance of options to choose from. Our cannabis dispensary offers convenience, helping you shop for everything you need to your fullest content.

The beauty is that our products are all hand-selected by ourselves, and we are committed to building a wider catalog, keeping every comment and feedback from our loyal customers at heart.

Also, we offer many great sales and price points, making it easy for you to decide and buy weed online.

However, in all, we focus on quality strains and holistic health.

Mail Order Discretion

We understand that many customers like to keep their marijuana discreet. So our team of trusted staff ensures that our products are well-packaged to maintain discretion and keep them undetectable the entire way to your door.

More so, any information you submit to us is handled securely, and we don’t share it with any third party.

We help you maintain anonymity, and our packaging passes through the Canada Post without any delay. We are always quick to respond be it with our live chat or our email and contact page and even our THC Delivery Facebook page.

You can easily buy marijuana without any information spilled to other parties.

THC Delivery

One major concern of every weed consumer who makes an online purchase is the speed of the shipment. That’s why we decide to help our customers get the utmost peace when they place an order online. Our deliveries are fast, safe, and very reliable.

When you buy marijuana from our online store, you can be sure of delivery to your doorstep in 2-3 days -but note that it’s for orders placed before 2 pm PST.

We send a mail once you submit your order, and it contains your tracking number to monitor the status of your shipment. This way, you can easily know where your package is and the exact time it will arrive.

Customer Service

At Real THC Delivery, we place you first as our customer. Our top-notch customer service is ready to handle your special requests, answer your questions, and whatever is necessary to leave you satisfied.

You might have a challenge when you buy weed online, but our customer service team is trained to efficiently and quickly resolve any setback you might have.

Whether it’s a mistake with the order, an issue with the shipment, or a simple request or question, you can always trust us to respond promptly and offer solutions to whatever problem you might encounter.

Selecting your preferred choice

We have collected the best marijuana products from reputable growers in Canada, giving you a chance to conveniently select from a wide range of options.

More so, you can order your weed on-demand, and whether you want flowers, edibles, or concentrates, you get complete confidence that our products are of the highest quality.

So, if you are looking for the best cannabis dispensary to buy marijuana, “Real THC Dispensary” is a clear choice.

Easy-to-use online weed dispensary

When it comes to ease of operation, our online platform is a breeze. You can simply browse through our selection and add your desired marijuana product to your cart.

You can simply create an account, input your username, email, and password to make things fast and easy for you anytime.

Once you have an online account, you can easily experience the best service at our store. Within a few minutes you can submit your order and make your purchase without much hassle.

Best Pricing

You should be excited to buy weed online without breaking the bank. At THC Delivery, we try to give you the best marijuana products at the fraction of the cost of products on other online weed dispensaries. With our many flash sales and prices as low as 50% off customers are usually impressed.

If you’re on the hunt for the most affordable weed without compromise in quality, our store offers everything you need.

There’s no better place to buy high-quality marijuana in Canada than Real THC Delivery. Our weed products have been carefully curated from the best sources, and when it comes to affordability, our marijuana items are the right choice for you.

Our Utmost Concern

The most important element we consider is you, the client.  We always ensure that everyone who shops with us gets what they need exactly in the stipulated time frame.

That’s why we’ve worked so hard to build excellent customer service. And so far, we haven’t recorded any complaints or issues that have not been resolved!

Customer service is our ethos and not a buzzword. And that’s why we’ve designed our store to give customers the ultimate weed buying experience.

We see every customer as one of our own family, and we communicate effectively when there’s a problem to be resolved.

We don’t want you to just buy marijuana; we want you to leave you satisfied to come back for more purchases. You can easily browse through our cannabis dispensary and enjoy quality, convenience, privacy, and speed.

Shop with Real THC Delivery Today

There’s no better place to buy weed online in Canada than Real THC Delivery. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the metropolitan area, the western coast, or the eastern coast, you can simply make a purchase on our online store, and we’ll ship directly to your door or mailbox.

Remember, we offer a fast, reliable, and customer-focused serviced and our products are cost-effective and are of the best quality.

So Shop today, and enjoy our wide range of quality marijuana products.

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