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SEC Fruit Salad Gummies 40mg

Gummy Fruit Salad Gummies 40mg : The fruit salads are a refreshing crowd pleaser. Each bag contains x1 Banana, x1 Cherry, x1 Lemon and x1 Grape gummy with a Delta 9 THC content of 10mg per piece. That makes for 40mg total in a bag and an enjoyable afternoon thinking about the other fruit you should be eating.


SEC Gemmies (35mg)

Gemmies Gummies 35mg : Our tried and tested micro-dose gummies. These wonderful little Gemmies are the perfect companion for a new user as they are a good dosage tester.They also work well at taking the edge off for more experienced. Users. With seven of these 5mg THC Blue Raspberry gummies per bag, there is one micro dose per day of the week.


SEC BC Pineapple Gummies 100mg

Pineapple Gummies 100mg : Officially the only pineapple native to BC, these gummies were made for escaping to a paradise in your mind and did you know the ticket price is phenomenal? Each pineapple is 50mg of tangy pineapple THC gummy. The best part is, after your first is gone, there is a second pineapple waiting for you in the same bag!


SEC Starlit 300mg

Starlit Gummies 300mg : “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land on the stars.” This quote can’t be overstated when it comes to our outlook on life.To contemplate your next move, we suggest reaching for one of these. Packed with delicious peaches and cream flavour and 150mg THC in each of these, eat one, two or three of these universally enjoyed Starlits.